The K6s™ revolver brings unparalleled performance and shootability for concealed carrying.

The K6s compact revolver is the smallest cylinder that can hold 6 shots of 0.357 Magnum (also compatible with 0.38 Special), and is ideal for backup, concealed carrying and home defense.

The small frame, 2-inch barrel and 1.39-inch diameter cylinder of Kimber K6s are machined from the highest quality stainless steel with excellent integrity, strength and wind resistance. Kimber K6s provides other important design features, such as: a smooth matching trigger that helps ensure accuracy while creating confidence; the internal hammer and edges are rounded and blended together to help prevent the revolver from being taken out of hiding Hanging; excellent ergonomics and grip design, creating an experience very suitable for shooting games; and 23 ounces of all-stainless steel structure.

For those who need a small package with slight recoil, K6s provides the power needed for concealed carrying, home protection and many other applications. Most importantly, they provide unparalleled Kimber quality, reliability and performance.

Let Kimber introduce you to the revolver again.

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