Miniature slides are made to the most secure suitable resiliences, with barrels machined from treated steel for better opposition than dampness. All Micro casings are formed from the best aluminum for uprightness and strength. In many regards a smaller than usual 1911, among the main Micro 9 plan benefits is a solitary activity trigger with the sort of short, smooth force that guarantees precision and constructs certainty. The thumb security, slide delivery and magazine discharge are unadulterated 1911 also. Standard provisions incorporate a brought down and erupted discharge port for perfect launch and an inclined magazine well for quick, positive stacking. Sights are steel – not plastic – and mounted in machined dovetails for extra respectability. Each Micro 9 incorporates en broadened 7-round magazine.

Ideal for shooters with little hands just as the people who demand gentle backlash joined with sufficient force for covered convey or home assurance, Micro 9 guns are the ideal decision for some applications. The best part is that they offer unrivaled Kimber quality, steadfastness and execution.

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